Film adhesive

How to apply adhesive in minutes

Glukon farm spray adhesive joins silage films, asparagus films and much more.

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG has taken over sales of Glukon spray adhesive, which offers advantages in terms of time savings and versatility. This special adhesive offers a variety of potential uses for operations such as asparagus growers or biogas enterpriseswho wish to join their films together. Obviously, dairy cattle and specialised crop farms can also use this adhesive. Glukon farm was specifically developed for bonding PE, PP and PA films, such as silage films and asparagus and vegetable cover film with an extensive variety of materials.

“Glukon farm is interesting for our customers for several reasons. First of all, it saves time since farmers eliminate time wasted on tying knots or joining films with adhesive tapes if they use glue instead. Material is also saved since a smaller overlap is required for silage film, for example,” explains Heiko Stanze, Sales Consultant for Films, Nets and Yarn at AGRAVIS. “Spray glue makes quick repairs and thus saves on replacing film. It is less susceptible to moisture than the usual adhesive tapes and thus attaches films very securely. It’s a versatile product which can be used to join films and fleeces.”

The main areas of use are:

  • Joining and repairing silage films and stretch films
  • Extending mulch films for vegetable and fruit cultivation
  • Repairing greenhouse tunnels

The product is easy for farmers to use with adhesion complete in just a few minutes. Glukon farm is ready to use as soon as the hose and lance/pistol are attached to the pressure container. Farmers do not need connection to compressed air or a power supply. The product can thus be used wherever farmers wish, is maintenance-free thanks to its enclosed system and does not need to be cleaned.

This is how it works:

Clean coarse dirt from both sides and then apply Glukon farm to the overlapping films on a strip at least 50 centimetres wide. After a short airing time of at least 60 seconds, place the films on top of one another and use a broom to stick them together. You can make minor repairs in the same way. The bond is immediately able to withstand stress or load.

Glukon farm can also be applied to one side to attach items when they are being installed. This is very useful when attaching silo wall films, for example.

Note: Films should not feature any holes or gaps or should have a slight overlap to ensure you do not spray the adhesive onto the silage.

Image gallery: Affixing two films easily with adhesive in five steps

Tip from the experts

Glukon farm is available in 500 millilitre spray cans or also in 13 kilogram containers with a hose and spray lance.

Glukon instructions

1. Clean with broom
Glukon instructions

2. Put films into position
Glukon instructions

3. Film adhesive
Glukon instructions

4. Turn film over
Glukon instructions

5. Rub with broom