Crop protection for grain

Successful cereal cultivation with herbicides

Our Phytavis and AGRAVIS crop protection exclusives product lines deliver healthy growth in your plants. You will find all info here.

You are guaranteed our herbicides, fungicides and insecticides for grain cultivation come from a reliable source thanks to our cooperative partnership with well-known manufacturers. Plant cultivation experts have tested their effect, miscibility and formulation in their own cultivation trials. If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a contact person directly.

AGRAVIS crop protection exclusives

AGRAVIS crop protection exclusives are innovative products and product combinations. Our plant cultivation experts have developed them for their specific area of use and tested them in trials.

How you benefit

  • Performance, optimal timing for use, miscibility and compatibility tested in own cultivation trials
  • Innovative, high-performance products by renowned manufacturers
  • A contact person for questions relating to the product

Grain fungicides


AGRAVIS Vivex offers you the optimum curative performance combined with an extremely long-lasting effect. Its wide range of effects is particularly strong in combating Septoria and rust varieties. The fungicide is approved for all key grain varieties.

Download AGRAVIS Vivex leaflet

Grain herbicide


AGRAVIS Potacur SX is the high-performance weed herbicide with a guaranteed effect on umbellifers. Approved for all relevant grain varieties, the active agent combination ensures success in the fight against chervil varieties, hemlock and wild carrots.

Download AGRAVIS Potacur SX leaflet


The established active agent combination has been further improved. It offers you a higher active agent load for greater reliability and also contains clopyralid to control problem weeds such as chamomile or cornflower. AGRAVIS Broadway Perfect Pack is approved in spelt, winter rye, winter triticale and soft winter wheat.

Download AGRAVIS Broadway Perfect Pack leaflet

Grain growth regulators


The time-tested CCC active agent can now also be used in barley. The combination between Gexxo and Moddus offers high performance and compatible lodging prevention. The AGRAVIS Moddus Barley Pack has an ensured effect even if weather conditions are unfavourable.

Download AGRAVIS Moddus Barley Pack leaflet

Phytavis crop protection

Phytavis crop protection

Make use of time-tested Phytavis products when cultivating your fields. We will supply you with herbicides, fungicides and insecticides under this brand.

Grain herbicide

Herbicide to combat dicot weeds among winter and summer grain. Time-tested solution for the early season (autumn and spring), can also be used at low temperatures.

  • 50 g/litre Florasulam logo Phytavis crop protection
  • Packaging: 10 x 1 litre

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Herbicide to combat dicot weeds among grain. The established solution for controlling widespread mixed weed infestation in spring and autumn.

  • 723.4 g/kg Tribenuron logo Phytavis crop protection
  • Packaging: 10 x 100 g and 10 x 1 kg

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Fungicide to combat fungal diseases (mildew, rust fungus, Sclerotinia, Phoma, Botrytis) in lupines, broad beans, rapeseed and winter and summer grains.

  • 250 g/litre Tebuconazol
  • Packaging: 4 x 5 litre

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Insecticide to combat pathogens in grain and rapeseed. The established product made of pyrethroids (type 2) impresses thanks to its wide-ranging approval and good protection of beneficial organisms (B4).

  • 60 g/litre gamma-cyalothrin
  • Packaging: 6 x 1 litre

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Additive – wetting agent to enhance effect

The use of additives can increase the efficiency of crop protection measures. This particularly applies to difficult conditions of use. This includes low air humidities, difficult-to-wet leaf surfaces or the use of products with a weak formulation. However, the wide variety of crop protection agents have different requirements for additive properties.

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