Service is our field

AGRAVIS: your service partner for agricultural machinery

As experts in agricultural machinery, we provide services to ensure that you stay on track with your machines at all times. Our comprehensive services include: a workshop service, general and emissions inspections, tyre and wheel service, financing, rental and leasing, comprehensive standby service, harvest servicing, milking and refrigerating technology, on-site servicing, collect and deliver service or agricultural and forestry servicing.

Harvest service

Agricultural machines are in use twenty-four hours a day during stressful harvest times and are exposed to high mechanical loads. Every minute counts if something should break. AGRAVIS Technik service mechanics are familiar with the kind of time pressure facing their customers. As a result, they are out and about with the AGRAVIS service truck during harvest times and can come to the field in emergency situations.

Municipal and gardening machinery

AGRAVIS is an expert in large and small machinery – from motor saws and battery-powered leaf blowers through to 260 HP mower combinations. We assist our customers in the agricultural machinery segment with small tools and municipal and gardening machinery as well as providing high-quality products and comprehensive expertise, consultation and servicing. Our customers are not only private individuals and farmers, but also municipalities, local authorities, service providers and trade and industry enterprises.

Comprehensive stand-by service

Most AGRAVIS Technik customers do not have regular working hours. They need to be flexible, so that they can respond quickly and effectively to weather conditions and needs on the farm. We also provide a stand-by service to assist our customers beyond our regular opening hours.

Workshop service

Whether you have a minor malfunction or a major breakdown, the AGRAVIS workshops will quickly identify the cause and repair the fault, so that you don’t need to wait long for your machine. Because time is money. Optimally qualified staff will assist you with repairs. AGRAVIS Technik is always available in your area thanks to an area-wide workshop network – from North Rhine-Westphalia to Saxony-Anhalt and Hessen-Palatinate.

Tyre and wheel service

Your personal AGRAVIS Technik service mechanic will advise and assist you when you require suitable tyres for your machines. What do you need the tyres for? What track do they need to have? What size do you need? What requirements do they need to meet? Qualified staff will fit the tyres, guaranteeing a precise, reliable service. Our specialists will assist you with everything – from repairs with subsequent track measurement through to consultation on a change of tyres suited to your needs.

AGRAVIS service on site

AGRAVIS will also help you with its service on site.

Milking and refrigerating technology

You need to comply with special regulations when installing, servicing and repairing your milking and refrigerating technology. AGRAVIS Technik specialists are ideal to take on such work: our service for you starts at the planning stage and does not end with the completed milking parlour or cowshed equipment. We ensure completion on schedule and provide you with expert professional training and instruction on equipment usage. Our cowshed equipment services for feeding, lying comfort, cow handling, shed hygiene and air conditioning are future-proof and extensible.

Agricultural and forestry service

We also service, repair and sell forestry machines. We offer our established AGRAVIS Technik services to the same standard in this sector. We also provide services for unusual types of machine where required on a regional level. In Sauerland, we look after snowcats, for example.

Collection and delivery service

We’ll assist you with logistics if large machines need to be taken to the AGRAVIS Technik workshop. We'll collect your machine on site, load it correctly and transport it to and from the workshop for you. Large or small, we’ll safely transport it to its destination.

General and emissions inspections

General inspection and emissions inspection in your local area: TÜV and Dekra inspectors come to AGRAVIS Technik workshops on a regular basis. This saves you a long drive to official inspection centres and your personal AGRAVIS Technik service mechanic accompanies your machine before, during and after the inspection. You can obtain information about inspection dates from the AGRAVIS workshops.

AGRAVIS machinery financing

AGRAVIS will assist you with financing and insurance for your machines.

Financing, rental and leasing

The AGRAVIS Financial Service offers its customers personalised financing and insurance concepts for increasingly more expensive agricultural technology. The AGRAVIS Technik sales team is specially trained and can make you flexible offers with excellent conditions.

Service on site

Our motto is “Service is our field”. This applies to servicing in our workshops and on your premises. Our qualified employees will come to you in their well-equipped service vehicle on your fields or farm when the situation calls for it.

Farm machinery

You will always find the right farm machinery for your needs with us. We are partner to many renowned agricultural technology manufacturers and are able to guarantee you favourable offers and a comprehensive service. We also include other top brands for machines and devices such as tillage machines and sowing technology in our range.

Second used farm machinery

AGRAVIS is your point of contact when you require used agricultural machinery. We offer a wide portfolio to you, ranging from harvesters to shredders. You can also purchase via our online marketplace and our auction portal

CAT service

We also offer you a comprehensive service for Caterpillar construction machinery products. Our employees are specially trained in such products.