Petrol station customer service

Services for petrol station operators

Our petrol station service centre and our academy offer petrol station operators a comprehensive package of services, ranging from construction projects to consultancy and further training.

Petrol station service centre: petrol station construction and grouping of requirements
Cooperative and independent petrol station operators benefit from the comprehensive AGRAVIS petrol station service portfolio. We are a full-range supplier for new petrol station buildings and your expert partner for all expansion, upgrade and optimisation measures for your station.

Are you planning to build a new petrol station and already have your sights on a suitable plot of land? We are an expert, all-inclusive provider for putting your plans into action in cooperation with high-performing suppliers and contractors. Experienced architects, construction engineers and project managers will reliably assist you from the initial draft through to putting your station into operation. Build on our experience!

From petrol pumps to a liquefied petroleum gas system: no matter what extension, upgrade or optimisation measures you wish to implement at an existing petrol station, we’ll be glad to advise you and carry out projects in cooperation with our expert partners.

We are strengthening the Raiffeisen association: become a cooperative petrol station operator and benefit from our varied range of framework agreements and the advantages they provide. These include card payment processing, shop merchandise purchasing, vehicle inspection, maintenance, investments in new tank and wash equipment and much more. Just ask us.

Petrol station academy: consultation and further training
We also offer a varied further training programme for petrol station managers and employees: we only implement effective training measures which are tailored to our customers’ specific requirements, whether they be in-house seminars or practical training at the station.

We use an intensive practical training package to prepare prospective petrol station managers or leaseholders to take over their station and perform the variety of tasks related to petrol station operation. Besides efficient operational management of different business activities at a petrol station (fuels, shop, bistro and vehicle wash and care), we also take a close look at aspects such as professional petrol station organisation and controlling, compliance with statutory requirements, human resources management, advertising, marketing, petrol station equipment and environmental protection.

Do you wish to boost your vehicle wash activities, drum up new business for your shop or establish a completely new bistro concept? An excellent decision since you can’t afford to stand still – you’ll get left behind. We’ll gladly assist you with your project and will act as your expert consultant and ideas generator – from initial planning through to implementation.

Every investment decision on a new petrol station building or a major conversion should be backed up with a detailed location or potential analysis. We’ll produce thoroughly researched analyses for you based on established methodology, current figures and many years of experience.

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