Dangerous goods warehouses and UAN facilities

AGRAVIS Project Construction designs and builds UAN facilities and dangerous goods warehouses

You need space to store goods. Such space must also meet certain requirements if it is used to store liquid fertiliser or crop protection products. AGRAVIS Project Construction is familiar with the regulations and will build a custom-fit facility in any size.

We have proven our worth as general contractors for warehouses and dangerous goods warehouses. We know what requires special attention in such sensitive areas and offer the necessary expertise.

Dangerous goods warehouses

Goods handling also needs to function smoothly in such facilities. However, like crop protection warehouses, dangerous goods warehouses are sensitive areas. We have everything under control: automatic CO2 extinguishing systems, safety and security systems such as a gas detection system, an intrusion detection system, fire water retention systems or direct lines to the fire service and the local police station.

UAN facilities for storing liquid fertiliser

UAN facilities for storing liquid fertiliser need to be carefully designed. It is particularly important to be familiar with statutory regulations, licensing procedures, water resource legislation and similar. We are specialists in this sensitive field and that’s why we guarantee a smooth planning process and implementation for your construction project.

Our all-inclusive, carefree package for you:

  • Expert, reliable consultation
  • Professional execution
  • Fixed price quotes
  • Maintenance, repair and renovation of existing facilities