Grain fertilisation

Successful use of foliar fertiliser

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Phytavis foliar fertilisers give your plants energy. They supply plants with the necessary micronutrients. This ensures optimal growth and a stable yield for harvests.

Phytavis N-Power

Phytavis N-Power is a nitrogen-based foliar fertiliser which is suitable for compatible, efficient fertilisation on many arable crops. Unlike conventional urea solutions, there is also a significantly lower risk of leaf scorch even if this fertiliser is applied at a late stage. The high fully soluble methylene urea content (Triazone) ensures complete nitrogen intake via the entire leaf. Nitrogen applied in this way is released over a period of up to four weeks after enzymatic cleavage, thus providing a long-lasting source of nutrients. The plant thus has sufficient nitrogen in situ even under dry and cooler conditions and therefore has a major impact on crop quality, such as protein content. This type of N fertilisation has an overall positive effect on the nutrient balance.


  • Excellent compatibility with long-chain nitrogen compounds
  • No nitrogen losses due to leaching or outgassing
  • Nitrogen available even in dry and cool conditions
  • Good miscibility with pesticides, especially with fungicides
  • High utilisation of the nitrogen applied – increase in efficiency
  • Harvest quality enhanced, such as improved protein levels

EC fertilisers: 28% total nitrogen (8% carbamide nitrogen and 20% formaldehyde urea)

Application rate: 10–30 l/ha

Time of application: Phytavis foliar fertilisers give your plants energy during tillering and from the flag leaf stage through to florescence. They supply plants with the necessary micronutrients. This ensures optimal growth and a stable yield for harvests.

357 g/litre N
Package: 20 litres and 1,000 litres

Other Phytavis foliar fertiliser for grain in brief

65 g/litre Mn
Package: 10 litres

Besides its well-known efficient nutrient uptake and good chelate miscibility, this innovative chelate formulation delivers exceptional water solubility and high pH stability (pH 2–12). Phytavis HeptaMangan is approved for use in organic farming.

235 g/litre Mn, 120 g/litre N
Packaging: 10 litres, 200 litres, 600 litres and 1,000 litres

Manganese nitrate can remedy severe manganese deficiency very quickly. The formulation ensures a fast uptake and plant availability. The nitrogen dioxide content also provides plants with an energy boost.

119 g/litre N, 151 g/litre Mn, 75 g/litre Zn, 20 g/litre Cu
Packaging: 10 litres and 600 litres

A suspension containing the crop-relevant micronutrients manganese, copper and zinc for grain in combination with nitric nitrogen for a fast, reliable effect.

287 g/litre Mn, 143 g/litre Zn, 49 g/litre Cu, 5 g/litre Se, 4 g/litre Mo
Package: 5 litres

A suspension containing the crop-relevant micronutrients manganese, copper, zinc for grain and potatoes combined with molybdenum and selenium, which often have a minimum presence, especially in light soils.

195 g/litre total nitrogen (N) (195 g/litre amide nitrogen)
26 g/litre magnesium oxide (MgO)
54.6 g/litre sulphur trioxide (SO3)
5.2 g/litre boron (B) 7.8 g/litre copper (Cu) as EDTA chelate 9.1 g/litre iron (Fe) as EDTA chelate
9.1 g/litre manganese (Mn) as EDTA chelate
0.065 g/litre molybdenum (Mo)
14.3 g/litre zinc (Zn) as EDTA chelate
Packaging: 20 litres and 1,000 litres

To boost young crop plants in autumn and spring and to mitigate plant damage of all types. The wide nutrient range combined with high nutrient availability helps to reduce biological stress in plants swiftly.