Silo and cover films

Optimum protection for your harvest

AGRAVIS offers you a wide range of films for your silos. You will also find the right product for covering land here.

Silage films:

silage films maintain silage quality in the sealed silo. It protects the air-tight underlay film from UV radiation, mechanical stress and the elements. It also reduces air exchange between the silage and the underlay film. AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG offers you a wide product range for silage films.

• Elan three-layer film

The three-layer film from Elan is produced using a special extrusion process (TriEx). During this process, the individual layers are combined into a highly resilient bond with one another in the melt, yet without intermixing with one another. Users can achieve specific mechanical, visual and thermal characteristics which surpass conventional German Agricultural Society (DLG) requirements.

  • Special extrusion process (TriEx)
  • Highly resilient bond between materials without intermixing with one another
  • Comparable with a 200 μ silage film, yet up to a third thinner and lighter
  • Many run lengths to choose from
  • The factory-produced fold in the product (C-fold) enables users to easily unfold and spread the Elan silage film over their silo system from the middle to the longitudinal sides. This ensures that the desired green side is facing upwards after the film is spread.
  • 12-month warranty for weather resistance during normal use.

• Silo2Block film: highly efficient thanks to modern seven-layer structure

  • Up to 20 times greater oxygen barrier compared to the DLG standard for silage films
  • Easy to handle during use
  • High tear resistance, hard-wearing
  • Light at just 85/90 grams per square metre – light as a feather
  • Sturdy fleece mantel protects the film roll
  • 18-month UV stability on the silo

• Polydress O2 Barrier 2-in-1 – combination between silage and underlay films

After the combination film has been laid out, the underlay film absorbs moisture from the ensilage material. This improves firmness, stretching and puncture resistance significantly. The water vapour diffuses through the underlay film and condenses on the silage film, which blocks the vapour. This causes the underlay film to separate from the silage film and nestle against the silo stock’s uneven surface.

  • Six to 10 times better oxygen barrier
  • Film combination can be placed on the silo in a single work step
  • Exceptionally stable, yet also supple
  • The “clinging” underlay film automatically separates from the silage film after a very short period of use
  • 18-month UV stability on the silo

• Bluish underlay film – high-strength for better silage

  • Suction effect prevents air from entering
  • Reduces air exchange in the entire silo
  • Prevents mould from forming as well as organic decomposition

Stretch films

Tips and tricks for stretch films

  • Make optimal settings on balers to achieve high storage densities (at least 220 to 230 kg TM/m3)
  • Keep time period between baling and wrapping short. Wrap bales with film after a maximum of two hours
  • Check wrapping machine on a regular basis: 50 per cent film overlap, 50 to 70 per cent film pre-stretching
  • There should be no adhesive residue on pre-stretching rollers

  • The higher the dry matter and the bulkier the material is, the greater the number of film layers which are required to make things air-tight.
  • Six film layers have proven to be optimum for bale wrapping and eight layers for horse silage.

  • White, light-green film only heats up a little. Light-coloured films are the most gas-tight
  • Dark or black films heat up intensely, increasing their oxygen permeability. Protect against direct sunlight!

  • You must prevent film damage. Tiny holes can cause mould in the entire bale.
  • Do not wrap until the bale is at its storage location if possible

  • Store round bales in an upright position
  • Stack depending on the dry matter content in the silage Three layers are possible if dry matter is more than 45 per cent; stack only two layers if dry matter is less than 45 per cent. If you do not, the lower bales will deform and air may penetrate into the bales between the film layers
  • Lay out the storage facility in such a way that it is not possible to damage the films. If there is a problem with mice, open storage facility with sandy floor; net cover if there is a problem with birds.
  • Check bales for damage on a regular basis

Mantel films

If you value dimensionally stable bales and simple, clean silage unwrapping, you’re on the right track with Polydress® Round Bale Film. Crop packing will all run smoothly with this round bale film.


  • High film stability on the mantel surface to ensure more effective mechanical protection for storage and transport
  • Suitable for all stationary and mobile round bale combination balers with film feed
  • Available for edge-to-edge; length: 2,000 m; width: 1.28 m
  • Also available as over-the-edge film for McHale and Göweil round balers; length: 2,000 m; width: 1.38 m

Download Polydress Round Bale Film brochure as a PDF

Baletite is an innovative polyethylene foil which serves as a replacement for traditional round bale netting. It was specially developed for the new generation of bale wrapping machines which can attach films instead of nets to improve the ensilage process. This means additional protection for bale content. The film can be used for grass, maize and sugar beet. It is suitable due to its limited UV resistance but not for straw or hay.


  • Better oxygen barrier
  • Extraordinary puncture resistance
  • Additional protection for bale edges
  • More compact, denser bales
  • Smooth film surface
  • Thickness: 13 µm, 16 µm
  • Available lengths: 2,000 m/2,400 m; widths: 95 cm/128 cm/138 cm

Combined with Silotite stretch film, the Baletite net replacement film is an innovative next generation dual film wrapping method. It provides a significantly improved oxygen barrier. This combination delivers more compact, denser bales which are better shaped and better protected.

Download Baletite brochure as a PDF

The tenobale Compressor is a new solution which uses high-grade stretch film to provide easy handling of silage bales while improving retention of energy content and nutrients.


  • Long side also protected with film
  • Improved air seal for better feed conservation and staple feed quality
  • Maximum compression
  • Highly compact bales and extra protection for transport and storage
  • More stable shape of bales, thus providing easier handling
  • Joint opening and disposal of stretch and mantle films
  • No freezing up, unlike with nets
  • New/other feedstuffs can be ensiled; areas of use: maize husk residue, CCM, maize silage, beet pulp, grass silage, pomace

Download tenobale Compressor brochure as a PDF

Silo tube

Tube films are an interesting alternative to conventional silo structures. Polydress FarmTube offers all-round reliable protection for such uses. The film is first choice for professional feed conservation and storage of food crops.


  • wide range of uses – food crops, grain, rapeseed, potatoes and ensilaged grass and maize.
  • Dry, protected storage, even outdoors
  • Minimum fermenting and storage losses

Download Polydress FarmTube brochure as a PDF

Harvest advancement thanks to perforated film

The harvest advancement film stores the solar energy irradiated into the soil, thus ensuring the soil warms up and providing an air layer near to the ground. At least 500 holes per square metre with a hole diameter of 1 cm are required for ventilation and water flow.

ClimaTec – the light harvest advancement film

The ClimaTec is suitable for the following crops:

The ClimaTec is suitable for the following crops:

  • Strawberries – as frost protection in early winter before frost sets in
  • Potatoes – as frost protection and harvest advancement directly before planting
  • Asparagus – as a double cover for harvest advancement
  • Various early vegetables – as frost protection and harvest advancement, also as double cover in combination with fleece


  • Easier handling thanks to lower film weight
  • Better plant growth
  • Precipitation and rain reaches the plants
  • Reduce fungal infestation
  • It is easy to check crop development
  • Fertilisation possible through the film
  • Thickness: 40 µm
  • Can be supplied as transparent film
  • Available lengths: 100 m/250 m/customised lengths on request; and widths: 6 m/10 m/10.5 m/12 m/12.5 m/12.75 m

  • Anti-dew effect thanks to lower drop formation and consequent reduction in condensation formation on the film lower surface
  • Thermal effect produced by inclusion of special raw materials, so the film reduces heat emission from the ground at night


  • Leaf damage caused by falling water drops minimised
  • Significant reduction in the magnifying glass fire effect, so fewer burns on leaves
  • Less accumulated moisture on leaves with film on top
  • More favourable disposal costs
  • Low drop formation
  • Reduction in temperature drop between day and night, ensuring better growth
  • Less cold stress or stress caused by change in temperature
  • Thickness: 40 µm
  • Can be supplied as transparent film
  • Available lengths: 100 m/250 m/customised lengths on request; and width: 12.75 m

Harvest advancement fleece

Covertan harvest advancement fleece is suitable for the following crops:

  • All vegetable species – as frost protection and harvest advancement directly after planting
  • Potatoes – as frost protection and harvest advancement directly before planting
  • Asparagus – as a double cover for harvest advancement


  • Highly elastic, yet tear-resistant, adjustable to be very tight and easy to handle thanks to modern non-woven technology and the 30 cm edge reinforcement
  • Extra edge lamination makes this harvest advancement fleece very light and highly tear-resistant
  • 19 and 22 g/m² increase the climate effect and improve mechanical resilience
  • Thickness: 17 g/m², 19 g/m², 22 g/m²
  • Available in white
  • Available lengths: 100 m/250 m/customised lengths on request; and widths: 1.60 m to 20.10 m

Asparagus films

We have been experts in film products for more than 40 years. There have been new developments in this area ever since then. We also offer films and fleeces optimally matched to asparagus harvest advancement.

The mechanical properties of the Raiffeisen HiProPlus pocket film provide maximum durability. You can regulate crops as required by turning over the film, thus allowing for more breaks and improved manpower planning.


  • 100% low density polyethylene (LDPE) without regeneration
  • UV stability factor 6 at 100 my or 8 at 150 my if used and stored correctly
  • Optimised fusing of pockets, ensuring increased tear resistance


  • Thickness: 100 µm, 150 µm
  • Available in black/white
  • Available lengths: 300 m/1,000 m/customised lengths on request; and width: 1.40 m

Thermal film XXL is very wide and is used on its own or as a double cover on film that has already been attached. A maximum thermal effect is achieved thanks to the high proportion of thermal additives and especially thanks to the width. This film type can be used as a double cover layer in combination with all film types. If you heat the ground with the thermal film XXL and then lift the black-and-white film at the first stitch, you can regulate the asparagus yield to an optimum extent throughout the season.

The greenhouse effect is increased if you tense the thermal film XXL over frames, creating an air buffer between the bank and the thermal film. This air buffer prevents the ground from cooling at night.


  • 50 µm thick
  • Can be supplied as transparent film
  • Available lengths: 1,000 m; and width: 2 m;
  • also available in transparent thermal pocket film version