Mill construction

AGRAVIS Project Construction will advise and assist you in planning and building your mill

Building a mill is a major project which you should place safely in the hands of professionals. Tonnes of construction material need to be moved and many different trades involved in construction require coordination.

In the case of mill construction, AGRAVIS Project Construction handles the entire detailed planning and engineering for the building, taking into account the required mechanical engineering. We prepare licence documentation, obtain all licences for you and act as an interface coordinator for all those involved in construction. Such a construction project is highly laborious and complex and requires experience.

Interface coordination

Time and quality management play a crucial role in large structures such as mill buildings. We also handle interface coordination of all those involved in construction on behalf of clients. Projects may involve up to 100 people.


How a mill is built

How is a modern mill built? AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG Project Construction is a specialist in turnkey construction of complex mills.