Round bale nets

For hay, straw and silage

AGRAVIS offers you high-grade brand products from renowned manufacturers to store away and ensile your products.

Rondotex Evolution – round bale nets for hay, straw and silage


  • Edge-to-edge performance for optimum edge coverage
  • Perfect edges and uniform wrapping
  • Guaranteed run length
  • End-of-roll warning stripe, red (last 30 m)
  • Roll side strip (left/right) for easier handling when inserting in the baler
  • UV stability one year Central Europe
  • Improved tear resistance thanks to NGT (New Generation Technology)

Rondotex can be used in all round balers with a net wrapping system.

Other Rondotex products:

  • Rondotex CE (for cover edge balers) for hay, straw and silage
  • Rondotex S (Strong) for maize, refuse and pressed sugar beet pulp bales

Download Rondotex product brochure in PDF format

TamaNet Edge-to-Edge

Your bales are better protected with TamaNet Edge-to-Edge. The optimum climbing properties guarantee tight bales and a lower net consumption.


  • For all balers
  • Machine direction indicator – helps farmers to insert material into the baler correctly and shows which way the finished bale comes out
  • Carrying handle – for pleasant roll carrying
  • A red warning stripe appears 70 m before the end of the roll
  • Guaranteed minimum length

Download “10 Fakten über Edge to Edge” (10 facts about Edge-to-Edge) leaflet as a PDF

Photo: RKW