AGRAVIS Financial Service

Financing and insurance service for agricultural machinery

The AGRAVIS Financial Service offers its customers personalised financing and insurance concepts for increasingly more expensive agricultural technology.

Your financing product should be as good as the machine that you buy. AGRAVIS Financial Service has the right solution for every requirement. With us, you can finance AGRAVIS machinery of all types – from harvesters, tractors and cultivation machinery through to tilling machines, municipal equipment, vehicles and much more. We are your brand and manufacturer-independent financing partner.

Our financing product range is wide and includes:

  • Loan and instalment purchasing
  • Rental and leasing
  • Insurance
  • Services

We are your partner for financing all machines:

  • Farm machinery
  • Second used farm machinery (with no age limits)
  • Operating units
  • Rental fleet

Benefits to you:

  • We offer all-inclusive solutions from a single supplier, which includes machine purchase, financing, insurance and marketing
  • Fast, streamlined order processing
  • You'll receive a flexible, personal quote which matches your needs precisely
  • Financing periods between six and 84 months (special durations on request)
  • Attractive, brand-independent conditions → fixed interest rates for the entire duration
  • Transparent costs
  • Flexible short and long-term financing and rental models
  • Practice-oriented residual value calculation for leasing/rental
  • Individual, flexible payment plans
  • Seasonal instalments/winter moratorium
  • Bespoke unscheduled repayments possible
  • Early agreement termination/amendment can be agreed
  • Object financing – no land registry coverage
  • Full financing available

  • The ideal financing type if the machine is to become the farm’s property
  • Full depreciation sovereignty when drawing up balance sheet (exploit tax advantages)
  • Fixed interest rate for the entire financing period – no interest rate risk
  • Personalised instalment and repayment schedules – pay-as-you-earn, block instalments, seasonal instalments, winter moratorium – thus minimising impact on the farm during limited income periods
  • No effect on bank borrowing limit/land register
  • Flexible agreement periods between six and 84 months
  • Full financing available

  • AFS makes the machine available for your use thanks to financing – use instead of purchasing
  • Balance sheet optimisation – AFS ensures the machine is entered into accounts – instalments are operating expenses
  • Contractual period can be agreed on an individual basis – short and long-term rental possible
  • Leasing – choice between full and partial amortisation variants
  • Rental – market-compliant forms of contract, based on precise machine use
  • Practice-oriented residual value calculation
  • Clear agreement termination rules – guarantee + transparency
  • Agreement models which conserve liquidity
  • Machine can be acquired at end of financing period

A personalised service package can be integrated into financing.

  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Tyre replacement
  • Vehicle tax
  • Other

Machine breakage insurance:

  • bespoke insurance coverage for new, used and rented machines
  • Machine breakage insurance, including coverage of theft and with or without fire insurance, to cover interior and/or external damage caused during operation

Extension to limited factory warranty:

  • machine breakage insurance to provide limited coverage for interior damage caused during operation, similar to extended manufacturer warranty – ideal for second used farm machinery once the manufacturer warranty has expired

Contents insurance

  • Contents insurance covers companies against financial losses incurred due to replacement or repair of damaged or permanently damaged office and business equipment in the event of damage

Electronics insurance

  • Electronics insurance is used to provide comprehensive coverage for information, communication and medical technology systems and devices as well as for other electro-technical or electronic systems and devices