Unique product portfolio

Our brands

AGRAVIS supplies your sales partners with attractive, unique brands for garden, pets, textiles, house and farm and hobby farming, which complete and personalise their portfolio.

Our brands

Our brand ranges are regularly optimised and further developed on a continuous basis. The brands’ excellent quality and high recognition factor are key success factors which have thrilled our customers for years. Get to know our brands and enhance your portfolio.

High-grade garden hoses from Gärtnerglück roll up without bending or twisting. Gärtnerglück battery-powered gardening tools also comply with maximum quality standards. Raiffeisen Gärtnerglück

The Preisfuxx brand range offers budget-conscious customers an extensive selection of products for different life circumstances. Preisfuxx

The premium complete dog food Buffo is based on a mild poultry-rice concept. It offers dogs of all ages and in every situation ideal nutrition with guaranteed optimum quality. Buffo more than covers the need for all essential vitamins and trace elements. Buffo also offers tasty snacks between meals as an ideal complement – as chews to clean teeth or extra vitamin supplements.

"Out of love for pets" Tierliebe is a high-grade quality brand. Its carefully formulated recipes are perfectly matched to your pet's needs, providing everything your pet needs for a long, healthy life.

Rodent Tierliebe

A balanced diet is important for all rodents. That’s why, in addition to all essential nutrients, our recipes are enhanced with high-grade Wisan flaxseed. It ensures high acceptance and has a favourable effect on digestion.

Pet bird Tierliebe

Tierliebe provides your pet birds with all the nutrients they would find in a natural environment. Our quality mixes contain Pluramin grains to help the metabolism and prevent deficiency symptoms.

“Natural, healthy and tasty” is the simplest way to describe the Mümmel brand. Mümmel provides all-inclusive healthy nourishment to dwarf rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs. Besides premium-quality feed, Mümmel also offers tasty snacks as an ideal supplement for rodents.

Agripet is a balanced, easily digestible complete dog food with a high proportion of poultry for all adult dogs. Added carnitine helps the canine heart to function well.

We supply Kantrie brand equestrian goods in different qualities and for a wide variety of requirements.

  • Premium products bear the name Kantrie Professional.
  • Our Kantrie Classic line offers you good quality products at an affordable price.
  • Kantrie Young is aimed at the young riders target group, reflecting trends and incorporating colour into accessories and textiles.

We have offered customers Derby care products in excellent quality for more than 16 years. The range has been constantly extended to include interesting and essential products. All Derby horse care products are thoroughly tested in line with all statutory provisions with professionals monitoring and trying them out before they are launched onto the market. www.derby.de

C.Centimo Workwear is synonymous with good quality manufacture and materials as well as optimum functionality in its three styles – Professional, Classic and Limited Edition. C.CENTIMO Workwear stands out due to its excellent fit and pleasant wearing comfort.