The right fertiliser for your field

Here you will find information on leaf fertilisers for successful rapeseed cultivation. It ensures optimum growth for your plants.

The AGRAVIS plant cultivation experts have developed innovative products and product combinations for the respective application with rapeseed and have tested them in their own trials.

Optimum autumn development is the basis for stable rapeseed yields. A comprehensive nutrient supply ensures good development of the young plants and prepares rapeseed for the winter.

Winter rapeseed leaf fertilisation

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Leaf fertiliser from Phytavis

Phytavis leaf fertiliser

As an element that can be displaced in the earth, boron is becoming increasingly scarce. This means that leaf fertilising is now also often of benefit in grain and maize, in addition to the standard applications in rapeseed and sugar beet. Phytavis boron is approved for use in organic agriculture.

150 g/litre B, 50 g/litre N

Packaging: 10 litres, 200 litres, 600 litres and 1,000 litres.

To encourage young cultivated crops in autumn and spring, and also for all types of crop damage. The wide range of nutrients, combined with high availability of the nutrients, helps the plants to quickly reduce biological stress.

195 g/litre total nitrogen (N) (195 g/litre amido nitrogen)
26 g/litre magnesium oxide (MgO)
54.6 g/litre sulphur trioxide (SO3)
5.2 g/litre boron (B)
7.8 g/litre copper (Cu) as a chelate of EDTA
9.1 g/iron (Fe) as a chelate of EDTA
9.1 g/litre manganese (Mn) as a chelate of EDTA
0.065 g/litre molybdenum (Mo)
14.3 g/litre zinc (Zn) as a chelate of EDTA

Packaging: 20 litres and 1,000 litres

Download Phytavis flyer as a PDF file

Our latest fertilisation recommendations for the autumn

A nutrient supply with leaf fertilisers is appropriate to encourage a good overwintering performance and for a perfect start to the following spring. Guaranteeing the boron supply can thus be guaranteed and other nutrients also ensure better winter hardiness.

Winter rapeseed: Fertilisation recommendation

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