Advisory Board

Experts from all areas of agriculture sit on the AGRAVIS Advisory Board. The Advisory Board advises the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board.

Torsten Wojahn

The AGRAVIS Advisory Board currently has 47 members. The Annual General Meeting elects 39 of these members while the Supervisory Board appoints eight what are known as co-opted members. The Advisory Board members include farmers, representatives of agricultural organisations, managing directors of Raiffeisen cooperatives and persons representing cooperative companies and cooperative associations.

Personal profile: Torsten Wojahn
Torsten Wojahn has been Chair of the AGRAVIS Advisory Board since March 2017. He runs a farm in Gusborn-Quickborn, Lower Saxony. Wojahn is also Supervisory Board Chairman for VR PLUS Altmark-Wendland eG, a cooperative bank, which also operates its entire agricultural commodities trading via subsidiaries.