Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages the AGRAVIS Group. Four members sit on the board: Dr Dirk Köckler as Chairman of the Board of Directors plus Hermann Hesseler, Johannes Schulte-Althoff and Jörg Sudhoff.

Dr Dirk Köckler
Dr Dirk Köckler has been a member of the AGRAVIS Board of Directors since 1 March 2019 and Chairman since 14 March 2019. Köckler previously worked for the Rhineland Chamber of Agriculture (Bonn) and the Department of Farm Management at the University of Bonn before he joined Raiffeisen Central Genossenschaft Nord West (RCG) in Münster. He was then employed at Raiffeisen Sauerland Hellweg Lippe GmbH and as Managing Director at Raiffeisen Waren GmbH in Kassel. After his apprenticeship as a farmer, Dr Dirk Köckler studied agricultural science and completed his doctorate on “Business management consultation in agriculture”. He is married with three children.

Jan Heinecke
Jan Heinecke has been a member of the AGRAVIS Board of Directors since April 1, 2022. The trained and studied farmer had been active as Managing Director of Magdeburger Getreide GmbH since 2011 and managed the private agricultural trading company headquartered in Vahldorf near Magdeburg. He has many years of management experience and is a recognized industry expert. From 2002 to 2011, he was responsible for around ten years at Rabo Trading Germany GmbH, a subsidiary of Rabobank International, which is a financier of raw materials from the food and agricultural sectors.

Hermann Hesseler
Hermann Hesseler has been a member of the AGRAVIS Board of Directors since 1 May 2019. He has been with the company since 1991, firstly as an internal auditor for eight years, Head of Controlling and fully authorised officer since 1999 and member of the Group Management for several years. Hesseler has many years of management experience in the AGRAVIS Group and has gained insights into different operational and functional areas thanks to his cross-departmental managerial duties. Hermann Hesseler was also Business Administration Manager and fully authorised officer at aniMedica GmbH for three years, Managing Director at Vovis Automobile for a good five years and Managing Director at Raiffeisen Eco Line GmbH for almost eight years.

Jörg Sudhoff
Jörg Sudhoff switched to AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG on January 1, 2020. Before that, he worked for the Claas group of companies for more than two decades. There he held various managerial positions, most recently he was regional manager for Central Europe at Claas Global Sales GmbH in Harsewinkel. Jörg Sudhoff began his professional career as a works representative at Amazonen-Werke. Sudhoff is a trained farmer and studied agricultural sciences after completing his in-company training. Jörg Sudhoff is married and has two children.