Retail buildings

AGRAVIS Project Construction is your contact when you wish to build a Raiffeisen Market

Requirements for retail buildings are strict. They need to be functional yet must also appeal to customers on a visual and emotional level. At AGRAVIS Project Construction, we don’t view this as striking a balance but as an integral unit.

Raiffeisen Markets

Attractive architecture is a key requirement for future success in business since customer needs are forever increasing. Such architecture also aims to reflect the Raiffeisen brand’s expertise. That’s why careful, stringent planning and concept implementation are important when constructing Raiffeisen Markets.

AGARAVIS Raiffeisen AG Project Construction will advise you on crucial factors such as:

  • incorporating the Raiffeisen brand into the design;
  • optimum incorporation and positioning of the market on the site;
  • favourable transport links for customers;
  • imposing presentation of your trade expertise while taking into account factors such as lighting, customer appeal and a modern image.

We’ll design and build your Raiffeisen Market for you at a fixed price – from the initial draft through to turnkey completion.