Ranges for local supply

AGRAVIS is the high-performing partner in wholesale for around 1,000 Raiffeisen Markets.

Wholesale primarily handles procurement and marketing of goods from different segments. Since our customers mainly live in rural areas, we have regarded ourselves as a local supplier for many years and we provide our customers with a range which offers an effective solution for their everyday needs. That’s why we supply our sales partners with an extensive selection of services and products in categories such as gardening, pet food and accessories, textiles, equestrian goods, hobby farming, aquariums, DIY and household items. Our product segments stand out due to comprehensive category management.

We regard ourselves as a local supplier for you. We thus provide you with a comprehensive range for many repairs or improvements for your home. You can obtain a snow shovel from us in winter and purchase paints and finishes for your garden furniture in summer.

Hobby farming – the new trend in German gardens. In your Raiffeisen Market, you will find a wide selection of products for your little farm.

In your Raiffeisen Market, you will find a wide selection of workwear and leisure clothing for the whole family. With our exclusive own brand C.CENTIMO Workwear for work clothing and C.CENTIMO Life for leisure clothing, we offer you high-grade textiles which will meet your high standards.

We supply you with everything you need to ensure that your pet feels welcome in your home. Different feed types and suitable accessories, from dog leashes through to bird baths, will help you to share your home with your pet, ensuring you both stay healthy and lead a varied life.

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