Code of conduct

AGRAVIS employees “Doing business in the green zone”

The Board of Directors has introduced a well-balanced compliance management system for the entire AGRAVIS Group. This primarily consists of a compliance organisation, reporting and our basic code of conduct “Doing business in the green zone”.

The code of conduct is binding for all employees as their appearance and actions have a particular effect on how AGRAVIS appears, both internally and externally. At the same time, all group employees are encouraged to bring up their concerns openly and directly. A company-internal compliance officer has been appointed for this purpose. An external ombudsman may be contacted at any time – anonymously, if desired. AGRAVIS has also introduced M&A compliance and a code of conduct for suppliers. Compliance is an ever-changing matter. That is why the company continues to systematise and develop a compliance circle, which incorporates the company values and principles and brings corporate culture to the fore.