Wildflower meadows and flower strips

Familiarise yourself with our highly productive mixes

At a time when there are increasingly fewer species in the cultivated landscape, wildflower meadows are an important element for providing game with an attractive food supply all year round. Our wildflower meadow and flower strip mixes are made up of highly productive type compositions for different sowing times and usages.

Wildflower meadow

Wildflower meadows can be annual or perennial. If possible, a wildflower meadow should be cultivated alternately with conventional agricultural crops and the boundaries should be broadly distributed. It is particularly important to create permanent refuge areas that will then last for many years as breeding areas. Only there can wild animals find sufficient peace and protection to breed and rear their young.

Sown by the beginning of August, the wildflower meadows also make outstanding winter catch crops.

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, in collaboration with the Landesjägerschaft Niedersachsen, has developed various seed mixes and tried them out in practice.

Mix for “refuge and boundary areas” for wild animals and biodiversity in the agricultural landscape.

  • 15% buckwheat escul.
  • 10% cultivated oats
  • 8% hollyhock
  • 8% phacelia
  • 7% sunflowers
  • 6% yellow sweet clover
  • 6% white sweet clover
  • 4% borage
  • 4% sainfoin
  • 4% winter rapeseed
  • 3% gold of pleasure
  • 3% alfalfa
  • 3% fodder cabbage
  • 3% marigolds
  • 3% winter beet
  • 2% perennial lupins
  • 2% meadow fescue
  • 1.5% Timothy grass
  • 1% turnip
  • 0.5% marguerite

Seed density: 15 kg/ha

Sowing time: from mid-May