Agriculture trade and grain collection

We are your specialist in buildings used for grain

AGRAVIS not only operates agricultural centres throughout Germany but also builds them. As a result, you’ll benefit from our detailed knowledge of operational procedures and from our assistance in subsidy and grant processes.

We have many years’ experience in plant engineering for grain collection and storage. You can benefit from our exceptional practical specialist knowledge we offer as part of the major agricultural trade company AGRAVIS with its many own grain collection and storage locations. We know what’s important for your facility. Our planning always focuses on optimised operating procedures and intake processes, thus ensuing short waiting times for delivering customers.

Our services for you:

  • Comprehensive consultation
  • Needs-based planning
  • Preparation of official licence documentation and contact with authorities
  • Construction at a fixed price
  • Many years’ experience with all issues related to grain collection and storage
  • Delivery of complete grain and fertiliser plants