Quality spare parts and accessories

Comprehensive service for agricultural machinery customers

Swarf is produced wherever metal is milled or ground. For agricultural machinery, this means there is always a component which needs replacing on machines which operate for many hours over the course of a year. AGRAVIS can help with replacement – quickly, expertly and to a high quality standard. Its locations can deliver machines, devices and spare parts from highly extensive warehouse stocks within a short period of time.

AGRAVIS supplies quality spare parts and accessories.

AGRAVIS Technik companies are your high-performing partners in servicing. We will supply you with original parts from our manufacturers and are thus able to ensure you receive optimum quality. AGRAVIS Technik companies handle an average of about 7,000 wear and tear and spare parts on a daily basis. We ensure you have a reliable supply of wear and tear and spare parts thanks to our comprehensive sales network. This ensures you can quickly resume your work with your machines. We guarantee immediate availability of spare parts through comprehensive stand-by services. This means you can also rely on us in stressful situations.