Silo protection

Protection grids and fleeces protect your harvest

We offer a wide range of products to provide maximum protection for your silos. You will find the ideal product for your needs, whether you require protection grids or fleeces.

Silo protection

ELAN 240 silo protection grid – to protect silage film

  • Protects films from being eaten by birds and from storm and hail damage
  • Increases treading resistance and anchors films into place
  • UV stability over many years

Product Colour Weight Length Width
ELAN 240 silo protection grid Green 240 g 6 m/10 m/12 m/15 m/18 m/200 m 5 m/6 m/8 m/9 m/10 m/12 m/15 m

Film weight

Silo sacks made of monofilament fabric:

Silo sacks are essential for an airtight seal. Unfilled sacks are filled with round gravel (2–6 mm in diameter). The silo sack may be filled to a maximum of 2/3 of its capacity (about 20 kg).

Measurements: 0.25 x 1.00 m or 0.27 x 1.20 m, each with a carrying handle and strap

Silo sack carrier:

for 50 or 405 sacks to hold silo sacks on inclines

Silo packs:

comprising 50 silo sacks and a silo sack carrier for 50 silo sacks

Download silo cover info sheet in PDF format

Harvest protection

Toptex protection fleece – effective protection for grain and bales of straw

The Toptex protection fleece reliably protects bales of straw against all weathers while providing effective ventilation. Straw quality is maintained throughout the winter. Straw also dries after driving rain and does not go mouldy. Toptex protection fleece has also proven its worth on potato and beet silos over many years.

The advantages of Toptex protection fleece:

  • air- and vapour-permeable – prevents mould growth
  • Totally water-repellent – drains away precipitation at inclines > 45°
  • Resistant to wind – does not flap
  • Soaked straw dries to a maximum extent after driving rain
  • Tear-resistant, even in strong wind
  • UV-stable – at least three years service life

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