Horse feed for your animals

Our feed concepts are synonymous with optimum standards and maximum quality.

Derby, an Equovis GmbH brand, is synonymous with expertise in horse nutrition.

Our quality criteria

  • Developed in Germany to German quality standards
  • High-grade raw materials from the region as far as possible
  • Natural variety based on comprehensive formulas
  • Strict controls for constant maximum quality
  • Personalised feed consultation with experienced Derby consultants
  • No animal trials are conducted for Derby

Our quality guarantee

We work with the best raw materials and state-of-the-art safety standards. Our products leave our plant in fresh, perfect condition. Please inform our Derby consultantsif you should happen to discover a quality defect.

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Horslyx, an Equovis GmbH brand, is the ideal combination between energy, minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Energy components boost and enhance flora in the large intestine, thus improving digestibility of widely fluctuating staple feed qualities. The product's palatability ensures excellent acceptance and guarantees optimal nutrient supply.

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Höveler, an Equovis GmbH brand, is one of the largest horse feed providers in Europe. Our quality, expertise and experience are renown worldwide.

Our excellently trained consultants are at your service across Germany and give a variety of tips on general horse feeding in addition to practical information on targeted feedstuff usage.

We offer the best feed for all horses, whether they are foals, yearlings, two-year-olds, young horses or older horses since your horses’ well-being is our incentive.

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Foal milk emergency service

It is particularly important to ensure foals are fed Derby foal milk during the first weeks of life, because foals do not ingest any other food during this time. Formula milk is often difficult to obtain if there are complications over weekends or on bank holidays.

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