Art on the Silo

Münster's Bull Is Glowing in Fresh Colours

The bull on AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG's silo towers has become an emblem of Münster. The work of art is now shining in new splendour.

Since 2003, the image created by the Münster artist, Pellegrino Ritter, has been visible, from the B 51 bypass and from the canal, in large format on the approximately 1,400 square metre surface of the silo towers. After what was now eight years in all weathers, the motif had faded. In a spectacular action in October 2011, three industrial climbers replaced the banners on which the image is printed.

It is neither dull nor boring, but modern, exciting and multifaceted - AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG would like to convey a positive image of industry in Münster to the outside world and has sent a clear signal in Industrieweg: the bull on the silo towers is glowing in fresh colours. In addition, a graffito in XXL format decorates the facade of the company headquarters with the image motif of the industry campaign.