This is where the Group gets involved

The AGRAVIS Group is firmly rooted in the region and is consistently being addressed also with regard to sponsoring by clubs, associations and event organisers but also by individuals involved in social, cultural and sports activities. For many years, sponsoring has been an important part of the communication concept of AGRAVIS and will also play an important role in the future. The focus in doing so is on a systematic promotion of projects with agricultural reference in the regions where the AGRAVIS Group is doing business. At the same time, it is primarily necessary to develop the brand awareness in the core target group agriculture, to promote the image and to support the distribution business.

Promotion of young talent and sport

Thus, sponsoring always has a certain value that can be converted into "performance and counterperformance". In addition, AGRAVIS also gets involved in the promotion of young talent – thus purposefully addressing young people as potential employees and raising their awareness for the Group as an attractive, diversified and sound employer.

The following can be cited as examples of current sponsoring activities: the support of elite sport such as the world class equestrian tournaments K+K Cup at the Exhibition and Congress Centre Halle Münsterland and the Winner's Tournament (both in Münster), the AGRAVIS Cup in Oldenburg or the involvement at the third league soccer team SC Preußen Münster. Even at the national garden exhibition AGRAVIS has already been an active sponsor, as well as at various regional activities such as the "Days of Agriculture" and the "Agriculture Horse Racing Day" at the race course in Hanover.

In an interview, Bernd Homann, Manager Corporate Communications, explains why the AGRAVIS Group is involved in sponsoring.

Question: In which areas does AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG get involved in the field of sponsoring?
Bernd Homann: Sponsoring pursues specific objectives – and like any other business is characterised by "performance and counterperformance". For many years we have been active in the field of sponsoring in our area of operation and as AGRAVIS Group we predominantly support both smaller, local projects which are connected with our core area of operation –- agriculture – as well as overriding topics and events that are important to us or open further opportunities as far as brand awareness or staff marketing is concerned.
The focus is therefore also on the purposeful promotion of young talent. In addition, we are involved in the field of sports, among others with the third league soccer team Preußen Münster as well as with high-class equestrian tournaments.

Question: According to which criteria does AGRAVIS select where sponsoring will take place?
Bernd Homann: We choose the events or clubs, associations, organisations or projects we support very systematically and according to a whole bunch of criteria. These include among others the regional aspect, i.e. the vicinity to our Group or to the regional corporation. In addition, we pay attention that there is an emotional reference between AGRAVIS and the event or funded project, etcetera, etcetera. However, in the end it is important that performance and counterperformance "match".
For us to support equestrian tournaments such as the K+K Cup and the "Winner's Tournament" in Münster suggests itself for both reasons: the venues are very close to our Group Headquarters and apart from the top-ranking athletes, many of our customers are also competing there, that is to say equestrians from the region, whose interest for our "Derby" brand we want to arouse on every occasion. In the case of SC Preußen Münster, the focus is on the targeted promotion of work with up-and-coming talent. Moreover, football is still the most popular sport in Germany - it is down-to-earth, has audience appeal and provides "a topic of debate", thus bringing prominence.
This is also why we are organizing the half-time entertainment at the stadium, the SCP competition and the annual AGRAVIS KidsDay, which recently delighted hundreds of up-and-coming football players.

Question: Which projects will the Group support in future?
Bernd Homann: In the field of sponsoring we rely on continuity – this is the only way to raise the level of brand awareness. However, it is also important that the project shows a positive development. Activities in and around agriculture are important to us, but also other events and projects that bring good publicity to position us as prospective employer.

Question: At the end of the day, it's also a matter of money, isn't it?
Bernd Homann: Yes, and our budgets are of course very limited. That is why there are criteria where and how we will become active. Apart from that, many regional sponsoring enquiries are also decided and processed locally, which is the right thing to do, because on the spot it is often easier to rank regional projects.