Health Management at AGRAVIS

"Always Keep Moving."

Health is a crucial factor when the long-term protection of employee's health is at stake. Only someone who is healthy likes coming to work, feels well and is efficient. Roland Schäfer, as Health Manager, is the direct contact person and attends to all matters relating to operational health management at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. Issues relating to health and health behaviour are diverse, as seen, for example, in the area of office equipment and ergonomics: An employee should spend 50 percent of the working day sitting, 25 percent standing and 25 percent moving", is a general recommendation. This can be achieved through innovative office equipment, various office chair alternatives and a height-adjustable desk. There is no off-the-peg recipe here – advice is always individual. Older and even younger employees are coming to him more and more often to seek advice.

In addition to the health days on the subject of change and the trainers day, which is about exercise for a whole day, there is a muesli breakfast for all employees twice a week in the canteen. "It is important to inform employees and to remind them to eat a healthy and balanced diet", the Health Manager states. Three things are particularly important to him: the right amount of exercise, being aware of methods for dealing appropriately with stress situations and ensuring a balanced diet – the issue of drinking, for example, has particular importance here. "One day, you can cycle to work for a change or use the stairs instead of the lift", he recommends. "A short walk during the lunch break is not only enjoyable, but also restores energy."

To ensure that the health issue pervades the entire AGRAVIS Group, the subsidiaries and locations of AGRAVIS have health managers who pass on the message, tips and ideas to all employees. They plan and carry out health campaigns. They receive training in a course for this purpose. 40 health managers are currently being deployed in AGRAVIS.

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