Energy Management at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG

"The issue concerns us all"

One of the most important elements with regard to the issue of sustainability in the company is energy management energy management. Energy-efficient equipment and machinery are already being used, where possible. One of the ways in which further potential savings can also be obtained in the head offices is by installing innovative lighting and building technology. "Energy-conscious behaviour has already been practised for a very long time at AGRAVIS, particularly at the energy-intensive locations. What is new is the annual proof of the extent of the savings we have made", Christian Lux, Energy Management team leader at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, emphasizes. He describes the Group's energy management by means of the three cogs: energy procurement, energy management system and reduction of taxes and charges.

"In concrete terms, we would like to switch to innovative LED lighting in all Group locations in the medium term and replace outdated technology, such as old oil heating systems", Christian Lux says. The plants already have energy-efficient motors, but the energy manager hit upon another idea, which was to check the compressed air systems, which are used, for example, in brake checks in the AGRAVIS Technology locations. "There is always high pressure on the hose even if compressed air is not needed in between", the energy expert explains. Energy could be saved, he added, by turning back the cog and plugging the gaps in the hose.

The current focus is on the "Ökoprofit" project in Münster, in which AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG is participating. AGRAVIS already participated in 2010/11 on behalf of the head office in Hanover. In addition to energy, the participants from large companies are also concerning themselves with waste as well as environment and energy law. With the aid of checklists and external advisers, Christian Lux and his team would also like to conduct a review of the head office in Münster with a view to discovering any savings potential it may have.

AGRAVIS Sustainability Report