Sustainability reporting

In the context of sustainability reporting, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG provides information about sustainability-related issues from the various business divisions. The aim is to report transparently and thoroughly about the company and its activities/ its responsibility on the path to sustainable development.

Sustainability reporting at AGRAVIS is structured in accordance with the five fields of activity:

Goods flow relates to issues and challenges over which AGRAVIS has indirect control, such as in the upstream and downstream supply and value chain. Quality management and logistics are key issues. The principal concern of AGRAVIS is to ensure a transparent supply chain across the Group through an appropriate quality and supplier management system and to organize the transportation by ship or lorry associated with business activities in a market-driven as well as cost-efficient and resource-efficient manner.

Resources presents aspects related to the issues of energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, packaging materials, raw materials used and origin of raw materials, as well as recycling and disposal. The aim is to use resources as efficiently as possible. AGRAVIS has direct control over the issue of resource conservation, which serves as a guide for the day-to-day activity of AGRAVIS employees.

The internal AGRAVIS world is covered by Employees. Aspects like workforce structure, staff turnover, safety at work, training courses, performance assessments, anti-discrimination and anti-corruption are addressed here. Objectives include the promotion of the health of employees and their further training as well as the targeted development of managers. In addition, AGRAVIS would like to be an attractive employer for up-and-coming talent in the diverse areas of its business activity, as long-term corporate success is possible only with well-motivated and well-trained employees.

Customers includes issues like product management, efficient input use, declaration and information as well as data protection. In addition to concrete product characteristics, this field of activity includes, in particular, customer contact quality and service offerings like consultancy and services. AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG's overriding objective is to contribute to the economic success of its customers, thereby ensuring their satisfaction – at the same time as taking sustainability-related aspects into account.

Entrepreneurial framework conditions and challenges is a compilation of issues that fall under AGRAVIS' direct area of responsibility, but require social and industry-specific solutions due to their complexity. Examples include crisis management and social responsibility, as well as environmental protection or innovative technology. AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG's aim is to act as an expert partner in meeting entrepreneurial challenges and to be a pioneer in implementing sustainability-related issues using innovative technology.

AGRAVIS Sustainability Report