AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG came into existence in October 2004 as a result of the merger of Raiffeisen Central-Genossenschaft Nordwest eG in Münster and Raiffeisen Hauptgenossenschaft Nord AG in Hanover.

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG is a modern agricultural trade company in the core segments of agricultural products, animal nutrition, crop cultivation and agricultural technology. It also operates in the areas of energy, construction service and Raiffeisen markets.

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG generates revenues of more than 6 billion euros with over 6,000 employees and, as a leading company in the sector, operates mainly in Germany with around 400 locations. International activities are carried out, via subsidiary companies and equity investments, in more than 20 countries and export activities in more than 100 countries throughout the world. Company headquarters are in Hanover and Münster.

  • Chronicle of RCG Nordwest eG in Münster

    Raiffeisen Central-Genossenschaft Nordwest eG (RCG) came into being in July 1990 by a merger of the agricultural "Warenzentralen" (central goods stores):

    • LZG Oldenburg
    • Zegeno Osnabrück
    • WCG Münster

    Since this consolidation, RCG was represented with approximately 80 own branches in wide parts of North-Western Germany as one of a total of eight main agricultural cooperative societies in Germany as central establishment for roughly 180 primary agricultural cooperative societies.

    The principal place of business was Münster with a branch office in Oldenburg.

  • Chronicle of RHG Nord AG Hanover

    1893 - Foundation of the Hauptgenossenschaft eGmbH
    Foundation of the Haupt-Genossenschaft eGmbH by 64 individual members and 4 cooperatives (later commodity cooperatives with commodity traffic and credit cooperatives)

    The agricultural cooperative societies need a central marketer to maintain their market position in purchasing and sales.

    1918 - 25th company anniversary

    • 449 individual members
    • 278 agricultural cooperative societies as members

    1950 - New construction of the head office in Krausenstrasse

    • Business premises:
    • 28 warehouses
    • 7 repair shops
    • 7 distributing warehouses for pesticides

    1968 - 75th anniversary

    • Turnover: 817 million DM
    • Number of employees: 1.750
    • Individual members: 134
    • Members: 530 agricultural cooperative societies

    1970 - Turnover exceeds the one-billion threshold

    • Turnover: 1.41 billion DM
    • Number of employees: 2,147

    1980 - Turnover exceeds the two-billion threshold

    • During the eighties, the turnover levelled off at 2 billion DM

    1989 - Fall of the intra-German border

    • Extension of the area of operation to the Federal Lands Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg and Berlin.
    • RHG supports the establishment of the organisation of agricultural cooperative societies in East Germany.
    • Extensive investments in warehouses, central warehouses for pesticides, distribution centres for agricultural technology and construction material bases in East Germany.

    1992 - Turnover exceeds the 3 billion threshold

    • Turnover: 3.1 billion DM
    • Employees: 2,978 employees, of these 896 in the new Federal Lands

    1993 - 100th company anniversary

    • Reorganisation of "Raiffeisen Haupt-Genossenschaft eG" into "Raiffeisen Hauptgenossenschaft Nord Aktiengesellschaft"

    2001 - Conversion to Euro

    • Turnover: 1.85 billion Euro
    • Employees: 2,706

    Share holders:

    • 78 Raiffeisen commodity cooperatives
    • 16 Raiffeisen banks with commodity traffic
    • 256 miscellaneous