Pragmatic concepts for customers

AGRAVIS takes its responsibility for the sustainable development of agriculture seriously – by developing products and services that enable customers to operate both more sustainably and more successfully.

AGRAVIS Sustainability Report

As one of the leading agricultural trade and service provision companies in Germany, AGRAVIS would like to play a major part in progressing to a more sustainable brand of agriculture. The aim is to offer our AGRAVIS customers, cooperatives and farmers the products and services that enable them to operate both more sustainably and more successfully. As such, sustainability provides AGRAVIS with enormous business opportunities and is a crucial differentiating feature in the face of competition. Products and services for sustainable agriculture are already available in the range. One example is the joint venture company Terrasol GmbH, which is operated together with the Odas Group in Dorsten. Terrasol provides farmers with integral solutions for using surplus manure. Both customers and the environment benefit from this.

Another example is the Feeding the future concept, which makes feeding sows, piglets and fattening pigs more sustainable. The focus on sustainable activities is based on pragmatic, actionable and marketable concepts. AGRAVIS has continuously reported on its efforts and successes regarding sustainability over a period of several years. The latest sustainability report was published in June 2018.

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