Quality managers

Veravis GmbH

To access AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG's exclusive service area for quality management and our quality managers for cooperatives, feedstuffs, grain and storage facilities, click here:www.veravis.de www.veravis.de [de].

Veravis GmbH the company

  • Veravis GmbH offers you a complete range of quality management services for the agricultural and food industries.
  • Our advisors and trainers possess a great deal of proven, well-founded knowledge as well as many years of experience in the creation, implementation, further development and evaluation of quality management and environmental management systems in the agricultural and food industries. They are competent and flexible.
  • We know the types of tasks and problems carried out and faced by our customers and do not use consultations to learn the basic rules governing their respective business segments. Right from the beginning we concentrate on developing solutions within the framework of projects. This means that, compared to other providers, costs are lower and projects are shorter, but the quality of the service not diminished in any way.
  • We always devise concepts in close cooperation with our customers, which guarantees them individualised, practice-oriented solutions.
  • Plant tests and laboratory services are accredited in accordance with EN ISO 17025.