Longevity in dairy cows

Healthy cows for a high milk yield

A dairy herd with high lifetime milk production is every dairy farmer’s goal. This requires healthy dairy cows. Dairy cow longevity It sounds simple – but in practice, farms work day in, day out to achieve this. Healthy cows offer an assurance that milk yields will be on target, many calves will be born – and equally important, that working in the cowshed will be enjoyable. AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG’s Cattle Production Consultants work together closely with dairy farmers to achieve high lifetime milk yields by utilising holistic concepts and products. For this, the most important factors are compound feed, compound feed,, mineral and supplement feed, mineral and supplement feed,, milk replacers, milk replacers, and hygiene hygiene, among others.

Compound feed

Compound feed longevity

Employing holistic concepts to ensure high lifetime milk production. Adjust your feed now.

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Mineral and supplement feed

Supplement feed longevity

Animals’ individual requirements of vitamins, trace elements, and minerals are met, increasing lifetime milk production.

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Milk replacers

Milk replacer longevity

Longevity begins in the calf barn. Intensive calf rearing paves the way for a career as a long-living dairy cow.

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Hygiene longevity

With thoughtful hygiene management, you are ensuring your cows’ welfare and increasing the longevity of your dairy cows.

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Longevity experience reports

Longevity experience reports

Longevity project in practice: In our experience reports, you will learn what farmers do to increase longevity among their dairy cows.

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