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Modern and innovative hygiene management is essential if animal health and quality assurance system requirements are to be fulfilled in animal production. The spectrum of solutions offered by Desintec in Germany is unique. It covers water hygiene, stall, sty and cage hygiene, liquid feed hygiene, milking hygiene, animal hygiene, and insect and rodent control.
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  • Products

    Definitely the right solution.
    Desintec offers a multitude of solutions and products for the hygiene requirements in modern animal husbandry.

    • Stall, sty and cage hygiene
    • Water hygiene
    • Liquid feed hygiene
    • Udder hygiene
    • Milking hygiene
    • Animal hygiene
    • Rodent control
    • Insect control
    • Different products and solutions for individual animal groups

    Modern hygiene management is important and not always easy. The fastest way for us to answer any questions you have is if you call our free advice hotline.

    Download the complete Desintec brochure here Download the complete Desintec brochure here [de]

  • Services

    Heavy workloads and more operating units at farms mean that necessary hygiene work is often only carried out sporadically and also that it is not thorough enough. This increases the risk of diseases spreading and also the financial losses that would be incurred as a result. To increase yields and efficiency while ensuring that legal hygiene requirements are complied with, the sensible thing to do for many farmers is hire a professional company that specialises in this area to do this work.

    Thanks to a partnership between Desintec and hygiene company Tapo, we are now able to offer more services.

    • Silo cleaning
    • Stall, sty and cage cleaning
    • Rodent control

    The aim of the new range of services is to support farmers with what is often seen as tedious, chore-like hygiene work.

    Desintec services Desintec services [de]

  • The new Hygiene Manager

    The new Hygiene Manager – this issue focuses on the following:

    • Practice report – hoof care and sow husbandry in Switzerland
    • A look at the biology of occidiosis and dysentery, and how they are controlled and combatted
    • Rodent control – what does effective control involve?
    • Download the new Hygiene Manager Download the new Hygiene Manager [de]

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