• Concentrated lamb feed

    Our concentrated lamb feed is a newly formulated feed for young sheep and goats. It is distinguished by its special selection of components, which guarantee high acceptance levels. In addition, its high proportion of vital nutrients, which include large amounts of vitamin E and selenium in particular, ensure its consumers develop well and build up resistance. Our concentrated lamb feed is also good for conditioning older animals before the breeding season.

    Feeding recommendations

    • Intensive fattening: hay and concentrated lamb feed ad libitum
    • Pasture fattening: approx. 750g, depending on your basic feed
    • Ewe conditioning and flushing: 500g in addition to the usual ration
    Supplied in bags of 50kg

  • Sheep feed

    Our sheep feed is designed to nourish adult animals in combination with basic feed. When used in large enough quantities, it does not need to be supplemented by anything else. If small amounts of the concentrated feed are used, however, the sheep will need to be given a mineral nutrient supplement as well.

    Feeding recommendations: These depend on your basic feed and the condition of your animals.

    • Pregnancy: Six weeks before they lamb, start feeding your sheep with 250g and gradually increase the amount so that they are receiving 750g by the time they give birth.
    • Lactation: 500g to 1000g of sheep feed per lamb per day
    Supplied in bags of 50kg

  • Crystalyx licking blocks

    Under the brand name Crystalyx, we sell a range of high-quality licking buckets for cattle, sheep, horses and wild animals. Crystalyx was the first licking block to be based on dehydrated molasses. It has been in existence for over 25 years now, and our Crystalyx specialists are still working constantly to further develop the composition and production methods used to make the various blocks that are available in the range today.

  • CombiMilk milk replacers

    CombiMilk is a brand of the Raiffeisen commodity cooperatives in Northern Germany. It is based on high-quality milk replacers for calves and lambs, some of which contain low-fat powdered milk. All the products in the CombiMilk range are made at a modern factory in Münster using raw ingredients from our local region.

  • Vitalisation and revitalisation

    Vital nutrients for prevention and support

    Only healthy animals are able to produce high yields. To help your animals along a bit and prevent and combat problems, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG has developed the Miravit product range in conjunction with its partners which are cooperatives.

  • Hygiene management

    The Desintec hygiene concept

    helps to make farms more efficient and profitable by reducing diseases and chains of infection.
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We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding feeding.

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