Cattle and calves

  • Milk yield feed - HF

    The high-yield range

    The HF feeding product range is a joint concept devised by the Osnabrueck Herdbook Cooperative (OHG) and AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. On one hand, the partnership allows the OHG's experience in feeding high yielding herds to be incorporated. This has been accumulated through being in contact with top enterprises all over the world for many years and through having access to a donor test station. On the other hand, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG is the perfect professional partner when it comes to anything to do with conception and manufacturing and selling compound feed.

  • Milk yield feed - Lakto

    The intensive range

    The Lakto milk yield product range offers individualised solutions for every farm and optimises farms' own basic feed rations. It includes different, farm-specific products that result in high milk yields produced by healthy and energetic cows, and covers yield phase passed through by the modern high-yield cow.

  • Mineral feed

    In terms of the yields they produce, the animals in your stalls, sties or cages are high-performance athletes. However, they are only able to achieve top performances if they have access to feed developed specially to produce these. Along with an optimal supply of energy, amino acids and correctly proportioned mineral nutrients and active agents form the basis of animals that are strong, willing and energetic. What is important is to make sure you select "your" mineral feed, because the conditions vary from farm to farm. The successful Vitamiral concept offers the right mineral feed for every farm - including yours.

  • Milk replacers

    CombiMilk product range

    CombiMilk is a brand of the Raiffeisen commodity cooperatives in Northern Germany. It is based on high-quality milk replacers for calves and lambs, some of which contain low-fat powdered milk. All the products in the CombiMilk range are made at a modern factory in Münster using raw ingredients from our local region.

  • Vitalisation and revitalisation

    Vital nutrients for prevention and support

    Only healthy animals are able to produce high yields. To help your animals along a bit and prevent and combat problems, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG has developed the Miravit product range in conjunction with its partners which are cooperatives.

  • Mineral licking blocks

    High-quality range of licking buckets

    Crystalyx revolves around a high-quality feed supplement based on dehydrated molasses and vegetable fat. Consumption of the energy-rich licking block compensates for energy deficits, promotes rumen metabolism and therefore increases the intake of basic feed and feed digestibility. Thanks its unique action principle, Crystalyx also offers an ideal combination of high-quality energy, mineral nutrients, trace elements and vitamins. Excellent acceptance and weather resistance have turned the feed supplement into the most widely used licking block in Europe.

  • By-products

    Monitored by-products from the food manufacturing industry.

  • pH and temperature measurement

    Smaxtec pH Easy Control

    Smaxtec pH Easy Control allows you to check the pH of a cow's rumen without losing any time and therefore monitor your animals' health very closely. This means any relevant changes and deviations from the norm can be detected before they have any unwanted effects.

  • Hygiene management

    The Desintec hygiene concept

    helps to make farms more efficient and profitable by reducing diseases and chains of infection.
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