• Livestock husbandry

    Please contact the AGRAVIS production advisor in your region directly.

  • Purebred and ornamental fowl

    There are lots of factors that will have an effect on how successful your purebred animals are at upcoming shows. Along with the initial animals chosen for breeding, the husbandry and health of the animals being presented will affect how well they do more than anything else. Requirement-based feeding will support your efforts. The GoldDott product range has been developed specifically to meet the needs of purebred poultry perfectly.

    The only thing that matters to us is transforming your animals into what you want them to be: energetic, fertile and fast-growing creatures that make your breeder's heart beat faster.

  • Gig Geflügelintegration GmbH

    Looking for poultry farming services? We offer farmers a special service package. We provide support with setting up and managing laying hen and broiler enterprises.

  • Vitalisation and revitalisation

    Vital nutrients for prevention and support

    Only healthy animals are able to produce high yields. To help your animals along a bit and prevent and combat problems, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG has developed the Miravit product range in conjunction with its partners which are cooperatives.

  • Hygiene management

    The Desintec hygiene concept

    helps to make farms more efficient and profitable by reducing diseases and chains of infection.
    Free advice hotline: 0800 6647669


We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding feeding.

Phone number for advice: +49 (0)251 682 1133


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