Biogas competence under one roof

Plant management is the main economic factor that determines the maximum yield for operators.

And this is exactly where Terravis, a subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, wants to help you. We help plant operators to improve their biogas process right up to the energy production stage, covering the biomass production and substrate procurement, substrate storage, process optimisation and fermentation residue usage, and technology, maintenance and energy management.

Thanks to many years of experience as an agricultural trading company and a supplier for biogas plants, together with distribution partners and the local cooperatives and agricultural centres, Terravis is able to assist you with each of these steps and guarantee you a contact for your biogas plant.

The right competency for each process step

  • Biomass production

    • Cultivation consultation for biogas crop sequences
    • Seed for main, secondary and catch crop in the energy plant cultivation
    • Fertiliser and nutrient application schedule
    • Adapted plant protection recommendations

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  • Substrate procurement

    • Certified secondary and ancillary products for the biogas production
    • Regional substrate supply models

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  • Substrate storage

    • Silage agent especially for energy crop storage
    • Professional substrate storage strategies
    • High quality foils, nets and sacks for substrate covers
    • Efficient rodent control

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  • Process optimisation

    • Biological supervision of biogas systems
    • Individual feed recommendations
    • De-sulpherisation with ferric salts and activated carbon
    • Adapted trace elements and enzyme mixtures
    • Emergency agents against floating films and foaming

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  • Utilisation of fermentation residues

    • Application recommendations for fermentation residue as fertiliser
    • Fermentation product brokering

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  • Technology and maintenance

    • Gas motor oils for combined heat and power units
    • Used oil analyses and product service package
    • Agricultural, farm and biogas technology

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  • Insurance protection

    • Asset protection
    • Yield protection
    • Protection against compensation claims

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  • Heat concepts

    • Robotic pig to dry fermentation residues, liquid fertilisers and sludge
    • Location-adapted residual heat concepts

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  • Direct marketing of electricity

    • GeLa-Pool for EEG-systems
    • Individual consultation and step by step introduction
    • Introduction into the market premium model via management premium
    • Additional revenue due to energy control and electricity generation according to requirement
    • Support for greater systems flexibility

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