Feed management

Concentrated feed is the basis for high performance

Increasing basic feed exploitation can be accompanied by increasing concentrated food amounts. This synergy acts as a booster for the milk performance. In the process, the ration design is the be all, end all for a healthy, highly productive cow. An optimised ration starts with adapted feed rate in the silo and is characterised by:

  • good feed hygiene;
  • nutrition supply adapted to performance and lactation stage,
  • sufficient structure, mineral and vitamin supply adapted to the need.

We are happy to discuss how a ration for your cattle stock can/should be compiled on site. Further information available under www.hf-futter.de www.hf-futter.de oder www.lakto.de www.lakto.de

Special feed agents are the "be all, end all" in animal nutrition

The basis of cattle feed is designed as a ration with balanced nutrition and mineral supply. Additives especially tailored to the situation of your animals increase and stabilise the performance. CRYSTALYX® is a high value supplemental food agent for licking, which is manufactured in a patented production process. Due to the special consumption of an energy-rich licking block, the rumen metabolism is increased, the rumen pH stabilised and thus the absorption of the basic feed intake increased. www.crystalyx.info www.crystalyx.info VitaMiral provides the necessary amino acids, minerals and agents and thus contributes to better protein and energy utilisation. www.vitamiral.de www.vitamiral.de