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About 70% of the agricultural income on farms in Northwest Germany is generated by milk, meat and eggs. To ensure your animal production is efficient, your cows, pigs, turkeys, hens and chickens need to be in excellent health and productive. Crucial factors for this include proper care, good husbandry and species-specific feeding. We offer you a diverse range of high-quality tailored products that will help to guarantee these conditions.

Quality and the composition of feedstuffs play an important role in the success of animal husbandry. The sale of compound feed and special products for animal nutrition is AGRAVIS Futtermittel GmbH's most important core areas of expertise. A highly competent team provides individualised advice and also knowledge on animal management. A long-established but future-oriented company, we would be delighted to assist you and provide you with reliable and expert support as you plan for the future. With clear strategies and production and management advice that is tailored specifically to your business and areas of focus, we can be a partner to you at eye level.


We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding feeding.

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