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In close cooperation with the regional Raiffeisen cooperatives, biovis agrar GmbH wants to offer strong consultations, high marketing reliability and a good product and service programme to become the number one representative for organic farmers and companies ready to switch. It operates the areas of feedstuff, plant cultivation, machinery, agricultural trade and grain collection. biovis can build on already existing organic measures within the AGRAVIS Group and its cooperative partners. The offer includes a joint organic animal feed production with Raiffeisen Hohe Mark Hamaland eG at BioMühle Hamaland and organic feed production in Malchin, in which AGRAVIS participates through Ceravis AG . The AGRAVIS Group additionally offers an extensive range of operating resources for organic agriculture and covers and markets organic grain, for example at AGRAVIS Niedersachsen-Süd GmbH, at Baro Lagerhaus GmbH & Co. KG and FGL Handelsgesellschaft mbH in Fürstenwalde. The requirements specified for the EU’s organic certification, of Biokreis, Bioland and Naturland are met.

Our offers with representatives

In the area of plant cultivation – including for ecologically operating farmers or those who would like to convert – AGRAVIS is the representative for all questions relating to the cultivation of maize, grassland, grain and much more. We would be glad to help you successfully manage your fields. Take advantage of our consultation offer and our strong brands for silaging.


To ensure the efficiency of your livestock production in organic agriculture, your animals must be productive and in great health. Decisive factors for this include adequate hygiene, optimised feedstuff and species-appropriate rearing. We offer a diverse programme of high-quality, customised products and concepts for all kinds of livestock.

Our certifications:

EU Organic Certificate Download PDF

Naturland Certificate Download PDF

Bioland Certificate Download PDF

KAT Certificate Download PDF


Strong brands, comprehensive service: at the branches of AGRAVIS Technik Group farmers will find everything they need for their work on the farm and field. Mechanical weed control can be guaranteed in organic farming; hoes and harrows are kept by our agricultural engineering companies. The qualified staff of AGRAVIS Technik assists you in everything from consultation and delivery to workshop and standby services. We can also fulfil your individual customer requests.


When collecting the harvest of organic grain or organic rapeseed at our Agricultural locations our highest value is on reliably determining the quality of the delivered harvest products. This quality test is very important both for the supplier and the client, because it is used directly to assess its value.

Our high-performance collection sites:

Baro Lagerhaus GmbH
Brachwitzerstraße 29
06118 Halle-Trotha

AGRAVIS Niedersachsen-Süd GmbH
An der Ohe 7
30952 Ronnenberg

Biomühle Hamaland GmbH
Madfelderstraße 14
34431 Marsberg

Our certifications:

AB-Cert Baro Download PDF

Biokreis Baro Download PDF


Our agricultural centres and the AGRAVIS unit for agricultural products in the Agricultural trade are your reliable partners for all aspects of agriculture. With our employees’ knowledge, our solutions and products as well as our service and consultation offers, we ensure that your ecological operation will succeed.

Our certifications:

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