Special conversions

Buying machinery, selling machinery - that is not nearly all the technology companies of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG have to offer. At the customer’s request, they make lots of other things happen.

“Can’t” is not an option

AGRAVIS technology companies also handle special requests for their customers

The technology companies of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG technology companies of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG handle lots of customer requests that go far beyond the buying and selling of machinery. Michael Langguth of AGRAVIS Technik Münsterland-Ems GmbH knows his way around heavy equipment. He is head of sales in the industrial technology unit of the Borken branch. This branch sells forklift trucks of the Hyster brand, one of the leading suppliers in the business.

AGRAVIS Technik Agritechnica Hyster Forklifts

Before the sale is finalised, Michael Langguth discusses every last detail with the buyer. No forklift is exactly like another. “The customer can freely configure the forklift truck choosing from an existing range of functions,” Langguth explains. “Machines of this size are not built for stock,” he adds. They are much too expensive for that. Full container handlers can run up to 300,000 Euro.


Handlers are the small beating hearts of every freight company offering storage and handling of containers. Because without the empty and full container handlers or the so-called reach stacker, the blood would stop flowing. That means: The containers weighing up to 52 tonnes could no longer be moved.

Comprehensive product range

The product range of AGRAVIS Technik Münsterland-Ems GmbH AGRAVIS Technik Münsterland-Ems GmbH includes the “big machines”, but also everything else connected with forklifts: from small hand lifts all the way to high rack pickers. The buyers of container handlers are located in Duisburg, Bielefeld, and Moers, and are active in the freight handling industry.

Custom conversion for special requirements

The branch of AGRAVIS Technik Heide-Altmark GmbH in Königslutter AGRAVIS Technik Heide-Altmark GmbH in Königslutter commissioned a specialist firm in Italy to comprehensively convert two JCB 155 compact stackers for a customer who handles and trades in feedstuff and grains in several locations in Europe at inland and overseas ports. “This specialist company mainly deals with machinery and systems for drilling platforms,” explains Michael Behrens, sales consultant JCB at AGRAVIS Technik in Königslutter.

The AGRAVIS customer needed vehicles that would satisfy the special requirements for working in a harbour environment, also with regard to safety aspects. The customer uses the JCB loaders to access remainders in corners and nooks of ship holds. “These areas are at high risk of explosion due to heavy dust pollution. So the loaders have to satisfy special requirements,” Behrens adds.

AGRAVIS Technik Heide-Altmark GmbH in Königslutter was able to help their customer: thanks to their contact with the Miretti company in Italy. The company does 550 explosion protection customisations every year. Two of them went to AGRAVIS customers this time.

The partner in Italy made sure that all electrical connections and plugs are absolutely dust proof. Alternator and starter were specially sealed off. The most important aspect: The entire exhaust system is protected and cooled. No part of the machine ever gets hotter than 170 degrees.

Special conversions AGRAVIS technology companies Agritechnica

In Königslutter, the experts of AGRAVIS convert individual components of the compact loaders. For instance, the seat was replaced with a special safety version with a 4-point harness system. Other special features were optical reverse warning systems with blue flashing lights, to make sure the loaders are seen even in the dusty holds and with loud ambient noise. Finally, the loaders were upgraded for crane loading so they can be safely placed inside the ships.