AGRAVIS NetFarming

Innovative concepts for agriculture 4.0

The AGRAVIS NetFarming AGRAVIS NetFarming GmbH has its headquarters in Hanover and is a 100% subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. During the times of Big Data, the technical and agricultural sectors within the company came together in a project group in 2013 to develop and implement their own ideas for agriculture 4.0. AGRAVIS NetFarming is the result.

It is a combination of technical innovation with agricultural concepts

New products and services are developed in the precision farming sector due to the combination of technical innovation along with agricultural concepts. The know-how at a technical, agricultural, and agronomic level is based on inter-disciplinary collaboration and can best be used and combined internally.

Due to the increasing importance of digitalisation, NetFarming and geo-konzept gesellschaft für umweltplanungssysteme mbh, a long-term partner of AGRAVIS in the steering systems sector, have founded a joint venture for the purpose of developing their competences further. The result, iXmap Services GmbH & Co.KG focuses specifically on modern information technology and is commissioned to develop software and electronic services for the NetFarming online portal.

Practical and economic benefits for operators

Practical and economic benefits for agricultural operations is the primary objective of the new products and services that are created. All operational data is linked with each other within the new web tool, which enables targeted increases in yield and also optimises the resources used such as working time and equipment (e.g. fertilisers or seeds).

Bundling together comprehensive specialist knowledge and practical experience in all operational levels means that AGRAVIS NetFarming GmbH is unique within its field and provides tangible benefits – try them for yourself and benefit from our innovative services!

Comprehensive information regarding AGRAVIS NetFarming can be found here. Comprehensive information regarding AGRAVIS NetFarming can be found here.