Sweet pea


Sweet peas belong to the family of legumes. This plant variety can transform air-nitrogen into a plant-available form with the aid of symbiotic bacteria living on the root of the plant. The component of sweet pea increases the protein content and thus the good usability in cattle fodder. Differentiation is made in the usage between summer sweet peas (vicia sativa) and winter sweet peas (vicia villosa). Both varieties can be cultivated in rows, but have an additional significance as important component in seed mixtures with other legumes or grasses. Summer sweet peas are used as a quick-growing component e.g. in our "topsoil nitropro" mixture. Winter sweet pea is used in the catch crop "topsoil winterfest" mixture, where it forms good ground cover to protect against erosion prior to winter together with other components in the event of later sowing (up to mid September).

Seed quantity: 100-140 kg/ha (in case of pure seed)

Sowing time: June to July (winter sweet pea as main fruit March to April)

Seed depth: approx. 50 mm

Row distance: 12 - 15 cm

Fertiliser: According to soil inspection tests


Further information for the usage of sweet pea available under topsoil mixtures topsoil mixtures.