phacelia tanacetifolia

In the family of rough-leaf plants, phacelia belongs to the sub-family of water leaf plants and is also called bee pasture or tuft flower. It is not only a productive nectar-generating plant, but also a soil improver and green fertiliser as it loosens the soil with its root system and the wilted plant results in good nutrient conservation for the subsequent crop after plowing. Phacelia is sowed in all crop rotations and is an excellent and particularly fast growing fodder plant with good weed suppression. Based on this multitude of advantages, it is also used in our catch crop mix "topsoil multi-talent" and in our game land mixtures of the Landesjägerschaft (State hunters association) Lower Saxony.

Seed quantity: 10-15 kg/ha

Sowing time: April to September

Seed depth: approx. 20 mm

Row distance: 12 - 15 cm

Fertilisation: 40-60kg N/ha in catch crop cultivation


Further information for the usage of phacelia available under topsoil topsoil- and under game land mixtures game land mixtures.

Phacelia is partially also offered as seed coating for the protection of the seed and support during accumulation.