Optimally coordinated Plantinum secondary seed and seed mixtures were combined for highest yields and best feed quality, for all intensively utilised pasture areas. All mixture partners have been tested in the state variety trials by the responsible state departments over many years.

The mixing concept is hereby essentially based on high performance, diploide and tetraploid varieties of the German pasture grass with medium and late maturity. Further high quality feed cultivation varieties (timothy grass, smooth stalk meadow grass, meadow fescue, hybrid ryegrass, festulolium and white clover) complete the mixture to achieve high utilisation flexibility, best taste and great adaptability by utilising the progress of cultivation.

The subsequent and/or new seed with Plantinum mixture contributes decisively to the improvement of grass silage and pasture fodder and provides the prerequisite for the significant increase of base feed performance. Your local agricultural cooperative society and AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG support you in converting the high genetic potential of the Plantinum mixture into more milk.

From seed and inventory management through silage management up to ration design: Use our Base Feed Production competency network to secure your economic success.