The PremiumSaat brand as well as the Plantinum brand of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG stands for reliability, among other in the permanent pasture, horse paddocks and game land. As an independent mixture producer, AGRAVIS is able to continually develop the mixtures with the latest top varieties. The types and variety composure are hereby tested and recommended by the consortium of the northern-German Chamber of Agriculture (LWK). Good basic food is the prerequisite for effective milk production. The mixtures developed in the LWK are suitable for a variety of pasture and field feed cultivation locations. These mixtures form the basis for high yields, persistent turf and good basic feed quality.

In addition, the Plantinum mixture program provides the optimum combination of grass types and grass varieties for your intensively used pasture location. With the tested varieties of German pasture grass in the medium to late maturity segment which are adapted to the recommendation of the Chambers of Agriculture you achieve highest energy yields from pastures at optimal usage flexibility.

Grass mixtures for horse owners require an excellent impact resistance, endurance and feed structure and are designed by AGRAVIS especially for the respective usage.

Voluntary mixing control

High performance seed mixtures are an important component of the yield and quality assurance on permanent pastures and in the feed crop production. For this reason, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG has joined the voluntary mixture control with the objective to ensure the production of high quality base feed with the implementation of high quality seed and secondary seed mixtures.

The red Chamber seal indicates that the mixture is recommended by the Chamber for Agriculture with respect to type and variety composition.

The magenta coloured seal indicates that the mixture consists of recommended varieties, however deviates from the standard mixture recommendation of the Chamber for Agriculture with respect to type and maturity recommendation.

Further information regarding ourPlantinum Plantinum mixtures for standard standard mixtures and horse paddocks horse paddocks are available on the respective pages.

Here, you receive the current flyer of the Chamber for Agriculture regarding the voluntary mixture control Lower Saxony.

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