Coarse legumes

Agriculture often differentiates between "coarse legumes" such as peas, beans or lupines and "fine or small-seeded legumes" such as e.g. clover or alfalfa. Legumes can be cultivated in various systems as feed or grain legumes, as sub-crop, as catch or main crop or together with mixture partners. Particularly legumes are useful for animal feed preparation and green fertilisation. Particularly because they contain a lot of protein and are furthermore able to convert air nitrogen into a plant-available form with the aid of symbiotic nodule bacteria living on the root of the plant and, in addition, loosen the soil structure during the crop rotation. For these reasons, the total cultivation area of coarse legumes in the Federal Republic of Germany is larger than that of fine legumes.

Due to own propagation in the coarse legume sector, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG offers many varieties and is thus able to provide quantities to the market beyond the own requirements for mixtures.