Smooth stalk meadow grass

festuca pratensis

Smooth stalk meadow grass is one of the agriculturally most important and grass varieties which has multiple usages and is eaten by all animals. It thrives particularly well on moist mineral and moor grounds and survives draught better than e.g. German ryegrass. Winter hardness and impact resistance make it a good mixing partner in the field crop cultivation, in clover and alfalfa mixtures as well as for pasture cultivation for meadows and the purpose of grazing.
Due to the recommendation for Standard mixtures (PremiumSaat), smooth stalk meadow grass is frequently applied and is also used in Plantinum and feed crop cultivation mixtures.

Seed quantity: 30-40 kg/ha

Sowing time: until late summer

Sowing depth: 10 - 20 mm

Row distance: 12 - 15 cm

Fertiliser: According to soil inspection tests


Further information regarding the usage of smooth stalk meadow grass under Standard mixtures Standard mixtures.