Red fescue

festuca rubra

The usage of red fescue is divided into three groups which significantly differ in their significance: red fescue offshoot, thicket red fescue and red fescue with short runners, whereby merely the red fescue offshoot is agriculturally significant.
It is used at poorer, light or boggy locations where more demanding varieties such as German ryegrass or smooth stalk meadow grass do not thrive well. It is thus essential for rough and unfavourable locations.
Red fescue is used in horse paddocks, in PremiumSaat GI as well as in many lawn and meadow mixtures as a root generator.

Seed quantity: 20-30 kg/ha

Sowing time: until late summer

Sowing depth: 10 - 20 mm

Row distance: 12 - 15 cm

Fertiliser: According to soil inspection tests


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