dactylis glomerata

Compared with other grass types, cocksfoot is of minor significance.
It is comparatively early in the development, mass-growing, winter hard and extremely robust against draught. Except for extremely wet locations it is very adaptable and can also be found at high altitudes.
It is also suitable for mowing as well as grazing and as a mixing partner with clover and alfalfa at dry locations. Due to the early development and the associated displacement effect toward slower growing grass, the component of cocksfoot is comparatively minor in mixtures, with the exception of the "PremiumSaat GIV" mixture.

Seed quantity: 20-25 kg/ha

Sowing time: until late summer

Sowing depth: 10 - 20 mm

Row distance: 12 - 15 cm

Fertiliser: According to soil inspection tests


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