The issue of the correct selection of types and species, depending on location, usage intensity and purpose, is gaining more and more importance due to the general conditions specified for agriculture and the resulting ecological and economical demand for market-conform, economic and environmentally friendly production. This particularly applies to the feed crop. The wrong selection of species especially in case of durable grasses can have a negative influence the profitability of the feed-producing areas based on feed failure or lack of quality.

Particularly with respect to the usage of grasses in grazing mixtures grazing mixtures and in feed crop production mixtures feed crop production mixtures there are differences pertaining to e.g. maturity groups, location charactertistics, yiled and recommendations which the AGRAVIS experts comment on in detail on the websites of the individual species.

The Bundessortenamt (BSA) (Federal Office for Species) issues a "Descriptive Species List" during the second change to describe the feed varieties of the grasses as well as sainfoin, clover and alfalfa.
Please check the official pages of the BSA to download this brochure.